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Virtual Hugs To All Of You In Infertility Waiting Rooms

It was odd to get texts from Lisa today talking about how full the waiting room was at our old Tucson infertility doctor’s office.

I am so thankful she was there, because not only did she avoid a visit with her normal hysterectomy happy OB, but she actually found out that the cyst in fact did not burst, meaning she still needs to be careful until cousin OC finally stops gorging on the messed up hormone levels that are making her overstay her welcome.

While Lisa was there, she texted me that she wanted to give everyone in the office a huge hug.

She said that a few times after she left too.

The guys in the room with a dazed confused look.

The other aspiring moms waiting for the call, searching inside, outside, anywhere to know if this time it might work.

Since she never did give out hugs to the entire waiting room, I want to give a big virtual hug to anyone who is sitting in a waiting room….whether that room be in an infertility clinic, a bathroom, or in a closet hiding from the pain of a baby-filled event at someone’s house.

Know that you are not alone.

We have been where you are.

Know that you are in our thoughts, and our prayers.

We pray for you to have the strength to be hopeful during your cycle.

We pray for you to have the wisdom to make the right choices, and the courage to keep on making choices even if they don’t yield the results you hoped for.

We pray for you to stay strong with demanding the highest level of care, the highest level of communications, and most empathetic contact with your team of medical support staff (yes, they do work for you…don’t forget that!)

I pray that the guys out there will keep open hearts and open minds during the process, and be prepared to be flexible with the emotional roller coaster ride that you are on, or about to get on.

I pray that the aspiring moms remember that us guys want this too, we want to have some connection to this experience, even if our pride is a little bruised about needing the help of someone else  to make it all happen.

So there you go.

If you needed a hug, you just got a great big bear hug from both of us.