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Don’t Re-Read The Last Chapter

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one


After failing a cycle, or anything else in life for that matter, it’s so easy to want to go back and figure out what went wrong.

Analyze the details and go step by step, line by line to determine if there was something you missed.

Often you think about doing the same thing you did in the last chapter again.

You need to turn the pages.

Or begin to fill the next ones in your book with something new.

Every infertility journey has its own chapters.

The ones that usually have the happy endings are the ones where you see the heroes growing, or learning or changing their path, vision and plan to get there.

The story can’t ever end if the same chapter gets read over and over.

If the last chapter sucked, take heart.

You can begin writing the next one.

Why not start now.