Sunday Inspiration and Moving On


It’s time to move on.

So many times we found ourselves at a crossroads during our infertility journey.  The signpost seemed to have so many different arrows, and the giant biological time clock was always looming overhead, ticking louder with each failure.

Moving on is never easy.

I always felt comfortable following one path, having one vision for how to get there, and cozying up to the idea that everything would go as planned.

Moving on means going to the unknown. Reinventing your plan, your vision for how that plan will come to pass, or just scrapping it and starting over.

That might mean failure. But failure is always temporary.

You find inspiration  as long as you keep moving on.

move on tupac

Infertility taught me a lesson about life:   be ready to move, and to move with quick and educated resolve to get to where you want to go.

Time doesn’t coddle.

It marches on whether we sit and watch it go by, or chase it down with every ounce of energy we have to make it work for us during the hours we have.

Have a blessed Sunday.








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