Sorry I’ve Been Away–It’s Possible!

Sorry if I missed a few days of posting. My web host had to do some maintenance and didn’t give me a heads up, so I wasn’t slacking, I promise!

I hope this finds you in a place where you are fighting the good fight in your infertility journey.

We had yet another “maybe we did this on our own” month only to see Aunt flo make her appearance a few weeks late.

Yep…we’re still infertile.  Dammit!

I have been listening to Les Brown again lately, and I’m always moved by his whole “it’s possible” mantra (if you don’t know Les Brown, he is a motivational speaker who was very popular in the 90s).

Anyway, he starts off one of his CD sets with the concept that if you find yourself doing everything that you possibly can, and nothing is working out, one way you can still retain some sense of hope, but also have integrity with the fact that you’re not there yet is to chant “it’s possible”.

How do you know it’s possible?

Because other people who have been where you are have succeeded in their journey to parenthood.

Hang in there, and keep the faith because “it’s possible”.


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  1. It is great to have you back, the place wasn’t the same with out you.

    Thanks for giving us this “nugget of truth”. I too believe it’s possible but I find myself sad and discouraged when my wife and I cannot come to an agreement on adoption criteria, which is what we are facing right now. We need to move forward totally united and so far we can’t agree on open vs. closed adoption and race of the child. Going against my own personal preferences (which would be a white child and closed adoption), I am open to an open adoption and a child of any race. My wife wants a white child and a closed adoption. Adoption is much bigger than just us wanting to be parents, it is a type of ministry that I feel we are called to. I don’t think Jesus would discriminate based on race. I feel a sense of urgency even though we no longer have to race the biological clock.

    I do remember Les Brown. It’s funny, although I don’t listen to him, I found him by accident when I was a searching for the other Les Brown…the one who led a big band….Les Brown and his Band of Renown. I actually have a few of his big band CDs.

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