Perception Is Not Reality–Reality is Reality

I’ve always hated the notion that ‘perception is reality.’

I think it used as an excuse for ignorance about a topic.

Take infertility perceptions.

The perception is that if you have a hard time conceiving biologically, you should ‘just’ adopt.

In a very touching and real interview, Aisha Tyler shattered that perception by being real about her reality.

She doesn’t know if she is ready emotionally to take that step.

As Barbara Collura pointed out in a very poignant way on the Huffington Post, Aisha didn’t choose the Hollywood happy ending response.

She’s not sure if she is ready.

How refreshingly real!

For anyone suffering through infertility-reality is reality.

Perceptions of how we should react to our reality are what get us pissed off.

Make us feel like we’re being bullied by people who somehow know what we should do next without having walked one second in our shoes.

We aren’t given any time to grieve the loss of the vision of how we imagined we would grow a family.

Aisha’s honesty resonates with anyone who has truly been through that valley where the road ahead is not all puppy dogs and rainbows and orchestral swells of music with happy endings are nowhere to be found.

God bless Aisha for being so real.





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