One Reason It Will Work


“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” – Unknown

I remember getting caught up in thinking about reasons that our last IVF cycle would not work.

We’d already failed four IVFs.

It was very possible that another terrorist attack would happen if you believed the 24 hour, 7 day a week coverage that was going on the month we planned to leave for the New Jersey clinic that held our last hope for biological parenthood.

We might never recover financially from such a huge outlay of debt with no safety net to fall back on.

We might find out that my sperm or Lisa’s eggs had some genetic defect that would end our shot at a biological child

It’s always easier to find a dozen reasons why something is really not going to work, than to even find one reason why it will.

Sometimes I wonder if that was the reason that fresh IVF cycle didn’t work.

Too many reasons why it wouldn’t work somehow knocked the soul of our baby off track on the fresh IVF.

The frozen embryo transfer was different.

For the first time in all the years we had been trying, I vowed to Lisa that we would NEVER stop trying until we were at our own child’s Christening.

Two months later, we got the beta phone call that led to the final path to our IVF baby girl’s birth.

As I watched our formerly frozen embryo clutching the side of a row boat on the lake today, intently staring at me, trusting that I would keep her safe while she worked up the courage to toss a fishing rod with a live worm into the water, I wonder if her soul found its way to us after all those years because she finally heard the one reason that helped her stay on track all the way into our lives: that we would never stop trying until we were holding her.

Next time the barrage of thoughts hits you about the reasons that a cycle is not going to work, duck for cover, and prepare an offensive armed with a Sherman Tank painted with “the one reason it will work”, and start blowing apart the enemy strongholds of doubt.





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  1. Thanks for that word of encouragement. My one reason it will work (if I find out I have sperm) would only be by the grace of God. As a christian, I believe that God is the author of all life. He has been faithful to me in the past, I must not forget that he continues to be faithful. It is a struggle (I am still human), but in the end I know it will work out.

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