One Minute Is All It Takes

So much of life is about waiting.

And trying to wait patiently.

You’re doing all the things you need to do.

Taking action.

Changing the plan.

Fighting the battle on all fronts.

And shit still isn’t working out.

That’s where faith kicks in.



I remember when I auditioned to get the Bluebird Cafe nod for new writer’s night.

They give you one minute to show you are ready for the same stage that has seen the start of legendary country songwriters and artists.

I practiced for months every day, an hour a day, 60 or so times repeating that one minute.

That same minute over an over.

When I got to that interview that minute seemed like the blink of an eye.

A month later I found out I made the cut.

The same is true of infertility.

Minutes, hours, days, months, years pass of diligent effort to find a soul baby.

You scream, you cry, you scrape, you scrap, you fight, you curse, you love, you fall, you climb, you pray, you lose faith, you find faith.

But you never, ever stop.

Then that call comes.

It’s positive.

One minute is all it takes.

Stay the course.




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