Once You’ve Gotten The News, What Do You Do?

Getting bad news during or after a cycle always presents the question:

What do you do now?

At first, I whined and complained.

Wanted to just quit.

If it wasn’t gonna happen easy, it wasn’t gonna happen.

Then my skin thickened.

I can handle this.

I really want to be a father.

I really want to see Lisa be a mother.

So we kept going on.

IVF #1.

IVF #2

IVF #3.


IVF #4.

After this one, I felt like Rocky must have after Clubber Lang finished him off.

I was afraid.

For the first time in my life I wondered if we could go the distance.

Then somehow, I found the Eye of the Tiger.

I got back in the ring and took shot after shot after shot.

Financial challenges.

Logistical challenges traveling across country.

Then 9/11 happened.

Bigger security–questions about all our needles on the way and on the way back.

We got to New Jersey.

Anthrax scare.

Lisa allergic to all the anti-anthrax antibiotics.

IVF #5 fails.

We’re done.

And then we’re not.

One moment at a Christening for another child that wasn’t mine made me take on Drago this time.

Two poor qualify embryos frozen in New Jersey called out to Lisa.

So I climbed up to the top of that freakin’ mountain and screamed Drago’s name.

He’s just a man, Rocky said.

It’s just a cycle, I said.  We’ll keep trying until we are holding a baby at our Christening is what I told Lisa.

A year and half later, I made good on that promise.

Once you get the bad news, you have to decide what to do.

I say fight like hell for what you want, and never, ever give up.






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