Listen Up: Prayers for Guys after Their First Infertility Consult

Please help the guys who have just sat through the rigors of their first infertility consult.

Help them to keep an open mind to the statistical odds that they have just been given and understand they are not entering a gambling racket but a scientific field where the odds are they are they will have to fail a few times before they succeed.

Help them adapt to the discomfort of seeing their wives poked and prodded and manipulated for the next 30 to 45 days, all for maybe a 15-50% chance of getting pregnant.

Give them the wisdom to understand how important those timeline milestones are to the success of any of these cycles, and that leaving for long lunch breaks or taking personal time off from work may become a part of their normal schedule for awhile.

Give them the patience to understand that as their wives hormones are controlled by the infertility doctors, they are subjected to multiple blood draws and shots, that they may not be as happy-go-lucky as they used to be, or in some cases just seem outright mean.

Help them to avoid homicidal thoughts the first time they have to deal with their insurance company, only to find out that much of what they are about to do is not likely to be covered.  Encourage them to be advocates for their wives, and learn the lingo and be prepared to field calls from nurses, phlebotomists, and the infertility doctors themselves, and then be able to coherently communicate those conversations to their wives.

Help them with the humbling concept of providing a sample on demand, and the oddness of having a third party then inject the contents of that sample into their wives to help get them pregnant.

Give them the comfort to know that although the journey they are about to embark on will not be easy, it will most certainly be worth it.

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