Life Pushes You If You Don’t Push Forward

The last couple of weeks have reminded me of something I learned towards the end of our infertility journey, right before we we did our last IVF.

Life pushes you, if you don’t push forward.

We stayed with the same RE for four IVFs.

That was about three dozen embryos over about a four year period.

Around eight total embryo transfers between the fresh IVFs and the frozen embryo transfers.

Lisa’s endometriosis was set on fire.

I had the words “you have lousy sperm” running through my head after the last couple of consults when it was obvious our failures were not helping our RE’s success rates.

This was frustrating, because at first we felt so comfortable with him.

We really believed he wanted to help us.

We developed friendships with some of the nurses.

Even went to social functions they invited us to.

I guess we kind of forgot we were also paying customers.

As much as we loved the friendship and kindness, our reason for pursuing IVF was not to expand our social circle.

We were being pushed outside of the comfort of our 4 year nest that still had no little chicks for all our efforts.

I think anyone with a vision for what they want in their lives gets pushed around if they aren’t moving forward.

The consequence for resisting that push is usually that you stay right where you are.

Nothing changes.

You do the same thing and expect different results.

You know–the definition of insanity.

We finally followed that push to New Jersey for one final no holds barred reach out to bring our baby into this world.

It’s uncomfortable to push forward to something that is unknown, but it’s the vision of where you want your life to go, where you want it to be that makes it worth it.

Following that push to New Jersey transformed our lives, and now we’ve enjoyed seeing life through the prism of more than 3600 days of watching our formerly frozen embryo grow from that petri dish, into this extraordinary tween who completes us in new ways every day.

If you feel a push, don’t push back.

More than likely, life is just trying to get you moving in the right direction.






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