Infertility Safe Movie Review: She’s Having A Baby

SHESHAVINGABABYIMAGEOne thing we found as months turned into years in our infertility journey was that there were days when we felt like the world was reminding us of how infertile we were.

Every Hallmark  ad on TV or family themed sitcom could trigger an emotional meltdown.

The worst was movies. We would want see a romantic comedy and one of the quirky friends of the lead character gets knocked up after a one night stand. Or there is a couple in the movie trying to have a child through infertility but they are typecast as obsessed unlikeable people trying to fill a void in the marriage by having a child  Typical idiot factor Hollwood character creations.

If you are in a place where you need to steer clear of any surprise tear triggering scenes I plan to make Saturday a safe movie review day.

I will start with one of our favorites:  She’s Having A Baby.

Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Montgomery do a great job portraying the resigned sadness and humorous indignities of entering the world of infertility.

There are insensitive parents goading them to get them a grandchild already, the horror of providing a sperm sample, the sudden preoccupation with what kind of underwear he should be wearing to keep his boys cool , and a hilariously accurate look at that moment when hot passionate lovemaking is replaced by utilitarian baby making sex.

There a few silly off topic subplots like Bacon’s crush on a model he runs into and a very young Alec Baldwin and his overly skanky girlfriend but they end up providing outcomes that make both the lead characters likeable.

I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10 for it’s well timed combination of humor and angst, as well as being one of the most comprehensive and accurate portrayals of the infertility experience.

It also scores a rating of Safe for primary infertility couples.

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