Infertility Prevention Starts With What Goes In Your Mouth?

I always wondered if there are things we could have done to ward off infertility. Or at least improve the quality of the reproductive system that we had to work with.

The one thing we never did was CLEAN eating.

I didn’t even know what that was until a year ago.

Now I live it every single day.

I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I am in better shape now than I was in college.

Of course in college, Lisa and I had a lot of deep fried buffalo wing, pizza and beer fests that I’m sure didn’t exactly contribute anything positive to our over all health.

If I’m trying to find proof that perhaps clean eating is worth more than an eye rolling glance, I only have to look at my lovely wife.

She has very publicly on Facebook talked about her path from size 16 to size zero.

That is a remarkable accomplishment given that the prior 10 years of commercially available diets combined with five or six days a week of working out never worked.

I take that back–her CORE was incredibly strong from all the pilates and aerobic workouts.

But the weight was not coming off.

When she started with a trainer this time last year, I thought she was crazy, and much like our infertility days, at first I wasn’t on board.

Her trainer had this crazy notion that fitness is about 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.

He suggested Lisa educate her self about “paleo”.

Like many other people ignorant of what that means, paleo does not involve eating raw meat, or stopping off on the side of the road to scoop up that roadkill to munch on as you drive home.

It’s CLEAN eating.

Nothing processed.  Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, healthy oils (coconut and olive), health fats (avocado and olives), you can eat in an amazing array of combinations.

What does this all have to do with infertility?

Unfortunately, I can’t go back and tell whether or not this would have helped us find our soulbaby any faster.

All I can say is a year ago, Lisa’s obgyn wanted to do a hysterectomy and/or operate to remove a fibroid that she’d had since before Elliana was born.

By the summer, that fibroid was gone.

The doc was amazed.  He admitted that the only reason that he suggests such radical surgery is because most people will not make the massive lifestyle changes they need to make to allow the body to heal itself.

The fibroid was fed by estrogen.

Estrogen was stored in Lisa’s fat cells.

An unclean diet pumps estrogen into women’s bodies.

Lisa dropped 30 pounds in the first month of eating clean and doing cross fit.

That’s a lot of estrogen that no longer had a storage unit to house it.

So the fibroid couldn’t stick around either.

Lisa was also on blood pressure medication for 10 years after Elliana was born.

She has been blood pressure medication free now for a full year.

I bring this all up, because I really believe there is merit to the idea that a clean eating lifestyle can be transformational for women.

This eating lifestyle is also considered anti-inflammatory.

I know Lisa suffered from agonizing pain with endometriosis.  If a fibroid disappeared after three months of clean eating last year, who knows what would have happened if we’d known about this back then?

What I’m talking about here is NOT a diet.

A diet has become a temporary fix.

Clean eating is a lifestyle change.

And it costs a whole lot less than those IVF drugs.





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  1. I love that you’re sharing the infertility healing benefits of clean eating. As I’ve shared with you, clean eating is how I overcame my infertility. The doctors gave me a 2% chance of ever conceiving a baby with my eggs and, after 6 months of clean eating (I still had dairy, but only raw cheeses, raw milk and fresh eggs) along with infertility focused acupuncture every week, we conceived our miracle baby with a round of Clomid and IUI. He is now 10 weeks old and very healthy! We are willing to spend thousands of dollars and inject our bodies with unbelievable amounts of hormones but so few are willing to try getting your body (and reproductive system) in balance. It’s worth a try – the time will pass anyway.

    • What a great story. Thanks for sharing and believe me, we are on board with the need to spread awareness about the incredible health benefits of clean eating. So glad you got your miracle baby after all you went through–truly a great success story!

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