Infertility Elysium

Lisa and I went to see the movie Elysium tonight, and despite some heavy handed underlying statements about immigration and healthcare reform, I found myself once again finding a thread that wove itself into infertility healthcare.

In the movie, the world has become divided between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.  Earth has become a cesspool where healthcare is inadequate, living conditions are slumlike and the best healthcare–allowing for total healing from even death–is reserve for the occupants of the  space mansions of Elysium’s orbiting elite civilization.

Only those with the means to live on Elysium  have access to this amazing technology, and those seeking illegal entrance into the wealthy space habitation are promptly shot out of the sky or deported.

I often think about the growing cost of infertility healthcare, especially at the best clinics that are available.

I wonder how many couples simply never acknowledge their infertility or pursue any treatment because they can’t afford it.

That just seems shameful to me.

The most basic biological function we have–God given, or if you prefer, nature given, is to be able to create other human beings.

If the medical care exists to help those with severe reproductive medical challenges, it should be available to everyone regardless of financial means.

I know this is a hot button issue, and I don’t want to engage in a debate about Obamacare or the state of our healthcare system.

That issue has become so convoluted by politicians with agendas that truly have little, to nothing to do with how to keep Americans healthy that it is almost comical, yet so tragic.

This country was founded on the idea that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Maybe somebody left out the right to create life, to enjoy parental liberty, as a huge biologically hardwired part of our pursuit of happiness.

Too bad I can’t bolt on an exoskeleton and take my case before Congress, to bring some Elysium to the infertility community and demand passage of the Family Act of 2011.

Maybe I’ll write that into the screenplay for Elyisum II–Revenge of the Triple Headed Sperm Boy.

Or something like that.


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