In Memory of Little Grandma Lyons

Little Grandma Lyons went to be with the Lord today.

She leaves behind 104 years of faith and fearless pride in her family, and stories of her life that will be carried on by all those who had a few minutes to spend talking with her.

I still remember late nights staying up listening to her talk with passion about how when everyone else lets you down, God is just a prayer away. She was the one who would alter my Uncle Russ’ hats to remove the profanity–I’ll never forget how angry he was when he went to put on his favorite hat after a rough day only to find it now read “Ship Happens”. We still have paintings in our house that showed her love of all the little bunnies, quails, puppies and kitties filled her mind and reminded me how in the moment she lived her life.

She passed down her love and passion for music and words to me and I am forever grateful for the memories of her incredible piano playing. She was also a romantic at heart, and I will never forget come home early from school one day in November, and hearing her singing with all her passion a song she wrote about how much she missed my Grandpa Lyons. I’d imagine he’s been wondering where she’s been the last 50 or so years, but I can picture them laughing and catching up, with her oldest daughter, my aunt Bonnie right there with them.

I see her goofiness in my brother, and her artistic creativity in my sister, and we were so blessed that God gave her so many years to play with our children, her great grandchildren.

Thank you for showing us the meaning of faith little Grandma.

We will never forget you.

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