If It Ain’t Working, Do Something Different

I’m sitting in my office, looking at walls with nail holes where pictures used to be.

In two days, twenty years of working in this office ends with a move into a new space.  A new building.  A new location.

I thought I would feel melancholy, but I am actually excited.

There is a different energy at the new spot.

A flow like something new and positive is about to grow from this change.

The old space wasn’t working any more for a number of reasons.  Rent increases.  Non stop construction on the building that rendered the very tight space very noisy.

Plus the energy had just gotten ‘icky’.

I’m not really sure why, but I guess when you have been doing the same thing, in the same place, for so long, it just begins to wear on you.

It’s the same way I felt when we were pondering our fifth IVF with our local doctor.

The energy just wasn’t working.  The flow of energy at the consults felt stifling sometimes, like all the negative results had become environmental toxins.

When we first met Dr. Sable at St. Barnabas nearly 12 years ago, the energy was different.  It felt like we were finally taking a new path that was going to get us to our soul baby.

It really didn’t make any sense.  We were thousands of miles from home, around strangers in an unfamiliar environment.

But it felt right.

Lisa and I have always talked about moving back to the east coast.

It makes sense then that we conceived, froze, and thawed our baby out in the fall of 2001.  She was conceived when the leaves were changing and the air was chilling.

Then she was thawed out a week after a big snow storm in New Jersey in January of 2002.

Obviously I believe the decision to do something different was what finally made us succeed and started us on the amazing biological parenthood journey we find ourselves on.

That’s why I’m excited about this change with work.

I sense it the beginning of a new energy, a new path.

Who knows where it will lead us.

I can’t wait to find out.

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