How Can I Help on Your Infertility Journey?

After a relatively long hiatus from posting, I’ve brought Almost a Father 2 back with one primary goal: to help provide the male perspective on infertility before, during and after your “resolution” with treatment.

It’s been more than 16 years since we resolved our treatment journey with our very first super positive beta test on February 1st of 2002, which was confirmed by the birth of our daughter almost 9 months later.

Our recent move to New York City has put me back in situations where I find myself talking about our journey to parenthood, and the question that is usually the catalyst: “You just have the one?”

That question triggers a reflexive anger that has been around since the days of questions like “why don’t you just adopt, just relax, just stop trying so hard, and other unhelpful questions and advice that follow the word “just”.

Many parents I’ve met here keep their infertility under the radar to prevent any stigma about having a donor egg, donor sperm, donor embryo child and protect themselves from the inevitable social infertility faux pas that follows.

I am inspired to add as much information about male factor as I can after attending the most recent NYC Walk of Hope. I had a brief gig as a staff writer for an infertility clinic where I did tons of research on a variety of ways science has evolved to help with issues affecting male infertility.

My hope is women won’t have to endure the rigors of IVF procedures when maybe an IUI would be sufficient after ‘repairing’ the guys side of the infertility, If more of these issues are addressed early in the infertility treatment research days,

Better count plus better motility could mean less medical intervention to get pregnant.  Less medical intervention equals less cost which equals less emotional, financial and physical trauma!

I’ll be reaching out to sites that feature the male perspective and asking them to write guest articles so Almost a Father 2 becomes a one stop shop for everything related to the male perspective on infertility and male reproductive biology.

Stay tuned…just getting started.

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