Elliana’s Corner: Words From Our Formerly Frozen Embryo

Editor’s Note: This is taken from Elliana’s handwritten notes after we attended Night of Hope this past October.  We have been very open with Elliana about everything we did to get her into the world, but I think she had a 10 year old aha moment, and she wrote this after we got back and sadly I just got my act together to get this up and posted!

She got to meet Alisyn Camerota at the event and then we walked back to our hotel with her after!  So here are the words, reprinted, and spelled exactly as she wrote them:


I was so thrilled to be at the night of hope!  Even though I thought it would be really fancy it was actually wasn’t bad at all!  I thought it was really awesome to meet the Fox news reporter Allison Camarta!

Elliana and Alisyn Camerota!!! Fox News here Elliana comes…
At one point I whispered to my mom and asked what infertility was.  She laughed and she said it was when people can’t have babies.  It was kind of weird to be the only kid there.  I mean I felt really awquird!  When I heard about all of the infertility stories I hoped that one day I would never have that and that I was really lucky to even be here! When I was there I thought it was really cool that people where raising money so other people can have babies like me!


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