Dreams Come True at The Night of Hope

Two years ago, we decided that we wanted to attend the Night of Hope with our formerly frozen embryo.

As I looked up plane tickets and hotels the pending journey brought back some familiar memories. Just eleven years before I was working out the logistics of a cross country IVF cycle in New Jersey. Fighting back those dark shadows of doubt lurking in every corner, trying to convince me that this was a giant waste of time and resources that would be rewarded with nothing but a negative pregnancy test.

As it turns out, those fears weren’t unfounded.

The fresh IVF cycle failed. We were devastated, and for a moment, I truly believed we would not ever be parents.

That’s where the hope part comes in.

We were leading a support group at that time with a number of unresolved couples. We had openly cheered the departure of members as they found their soul babies through IVF, adoption, and surrogacy, while we silently cried that parenthood was elusive for us.

Each victory for them, as bittersweet as it was for us, gave us the hope to go on.

A few months after that failed IVF, I found myself booking tickets again to New Jersey to give our last two frozen embryos a chance to make us parents. The odds were slim that it would work, but we were resolved not to give up.

Our infertility support group cheered us on. We found hope in the comfort of those monthly get togethers, and the phone calls and emails in between as we headed into the wintery landscape where we felt the spirit of our baby might be.

A few months later, our hope turned into a dream come true—a few thousand days, bunch of thousands of dollars, thousands of tears, thousands of prayers, all finally culminated in a phone call that changed our life: the positive beta test call.

It only seemed natural that eleven years later we would bring everything full circle at the Night of Hope. I was in awe of the amazing stories of courage from everyone there, the passion the Resolve community has for anyone experiencing infertility, the lack of judgment about what path you were taking.

Just hope. And support.

As I sat there at the event, greeted by the friendly faces of all the Resolve staff, I knew I was part of a family that I would always cherish.

The night will be magical. It will be an amazing gala filled with stories of courage, persistence, passion.

But most of all it will provide you with an espresso style boost of hope.

And that kind of hope will get you closer to your dream come true.

Elliana with us at Night Of Hope-she thought it was cool that so many people were there to help other people "have a baby like me!"
Elliana with us at Night Of Hope-she thought it was cool that so many people were there to help other people “have a baby like me!”

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