Don’t Forget It All Started With Two Hearts

Don’t forget it started with two hearts

In the hustle and bustle of treatment protocols, blood draws, and ultrasounds it is easy to forget this whole process starts with two hearts.

Two hearts that had such a strong connection that they committed to being intertwined for life with the blessing of God on a magical wedding day.

Two hearts so in love that they began to yearn for a new heart…a new heart grown from all of their love for each other.

If you haven’t listened to the sound of your hearts beating together because you feel worlds apart, change that tonight.

Hold each other close.

Listen to your hearts beat together.

The love is there.

You’ll need that love to keep going for that new heart you yearn for so much.

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  1. This is an absolutely beautiful post and eloquently states my entire position on being there for your spouse during the infertility journey. There have been many occasions when the only thing I can do to ease the tension is to embrace my wife, words just can’t do it.

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