Donors Suing for Parental Rights? Really?



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I came across an article in the infertility blogosphere talking about a bill that is trying to make it’s way through California that would make it legal for sperm donors to sue for parental rights.

I am struggling to understand the logic of this.

The word “donor” generally means that something is being given without any expectation of anything in return.

It boggles my mind to think about the Hollywood type scenarios that could come out of something like this.

The disruption to a family depending on how far its reach is interpreted.

While there seem to be some protections against anonymous non-family donors, it seems like that slope gets slippery pretty fast.

Hopefully this won’t get too far in California before common sense prevails.

Couples who achieved parenthood with the help of a male donor’s contribution don’t need the stress of wondering if a custody lawsuit will be lurking somewhere in their future.

I’ll be following up on this to see where it goes…

But before I go I have to say: Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Donors Suing for Parental Rights? Really?

  1. As someone who lives in California, this does not surprise me. We have the most inept legislature in the country. it is full of people with nothing better to do than to pass absurd laws that make life difficult for the average California. If this thing becomes law, it will only confirm my worst fears about using donor sperm to get my wife pregnant. Both of us are opposed to DS for many reasons, a bill like this is but one of the reasons we will not be pursuing that route.

    Can somebody please give me a bill number for this legislation? I would love to track it.

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