Do The Opposite Of What You’d Normally Do

This week has been a week where I have been trying something that worked very well towards the end of infertility, but I’d forgotten about.

Do the opposite of what you’d normally do.

For three years we stayed with same RE.

Cycle after cycle after cycle after cycle.

It became normal to do the cycle, get mad about the things that went wrong along the way, stress about whether it was ever going to work, get hopeful at the last minute that it had worked, then be shocked, angry, sad and hopeless by the end when the BFN call came.

I never dreamed I would be the one gung ho to do the opposite of normal.

Lisa really wanted to do one more IVF with our local RE.

Even after we failed our 4th IVF with him.

I wanted to do the opposite.

Go to wherever the top success rates were for the infertility problems we had. Even if it meant flying across country, spending weeks away from home and work to make it happen.

Leave the relative comfort of wealth building and put it on the line for the best shot at having our baby (not that much wealth had been built at that point).

It is so easy to get into a pattern of normal that puts you on a treadmill.

Sure, you’re moving all the time to keep up with the ground beneath you, but you’re getting nowhere.

Stepping off the treadmill, and opening the door outside, and just running—anywhere else–gets to a new place.

If normal includes feeling like whatever infertility path you’re on is getting your nowhere, it’s time to do the opposite of normal.



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