Do All You Can–God Does What You Can’t

I almost hesitate to post this.

I hear this term a lot with different Christian preachers I listen to lately.

It’s easy to think that this one doesn’t hold true with infertility.

If you do all you can to have a child naturally, and then it doesn’t happen, it appears that God didn’t fill in the ‘can’t’ part.

If you do a half dozen IUIs and they all fail, again, the almighty ‘can’t’ seems to have been missing.

On the surface, it appears that even if you do all you can, God doesn’t deliver on the ‘can’t’ part.

Looking back on our journey, I realized the can’ts were things that weren’t even on our radar yet.

We did all we could to have a baby after 4 IVFs with our Tucson RE.

Eventually those failed IVFs made us so strong were were able to go the distance on a 3 week odyssey to post 9/11 New Jersey and make the embryo that would later become our daughter.

Even the failed fresh IVF at that New Jersey clinic gave us the strength to take ANOTHER trip back east to thaw out our poor quality embryo, despite the low odds the clinic gave us for success.

When we got the call about our off the charts beta, I realized the reason God hadn’t jumped in on all those other can’ts.

We needed to use up all of our ‘cans’ to get us to the one we can’t ever predict in any infertility cycle: our first, and as it turns out last, ‘high beta you are going to have an IVF baby’ phone call.




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  1. Thank you so much for saying this. I hear too often from people in the infertility community that God is not in control, that he doesn’t exist, etc. There are many that have turned their backs on God as a result of infertility–not realizing that he is sovereign and is the creator of all life.

    I am glad that I am not the only one that believes God has a hand in every conception. As a Christian, it is easy for me to feel very alone in the world of infertility.

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