Count Down To Almost A Father’s Day

I can still remember that feeling of dread as ‘Almost A Father’s Day’ approached.

Summer was always hard enough, hearing about all the trips everyone with kids was going on, or how the kids were being horrible ever since the last day of school bell rang.

Just the word  ‘kids’ created a nails on chalkboard chill with each passing year that school ended and summer began without the fanfare of any children of our own.

Each year an Almost A Father’s Day passed, the lump in my throat was harder to push down when I passed the Father’s Day card aisle at a grocery store, and pictured Lisa going through the card section that only a month before held flowery Mother’s Day cards.

I would always get some sort of gift from our furry little kid, and the excitement of seeing our forever 7 pound baby boy Pomeranian rip open a present for me always managed to bring a smile to my face.

But after the yapping ended and the pieces of wrapping paper were cleaned up, it was very quiet.

When she was doing whatever little craft she made our canine baby endure to honor some semblance of fatherhood for me, I wondered if a tear dropped on it.

I wondered if she had cursed or prayed under her breath as she wrapped another Almost A Father’s Day present.

I love the fact that Lisa even had the courage or energy to do anything after our 4th, 5th, 6th year of celebrating “Almost” holidays.

Make sure you give all those Almost A Mother’s a kiss for making your Almost A Father’s Day special.

I pray that this year is your last with the “Almost A” in front of the “Father’s Day.”






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