Calm Winds of Change

I often still think that things in my life are going to change in some dramatic tornado of activity, with an orchestral soundtrack booming in the background.

The funny thing is, a lot of times it happens quietly. Calmly.

You just know it’s time to do something drastically different.

It doesn’t come from a place of desperation.

Or reactivity.

It comes from a place of just knowing.

To get there, often you have to take time for yourself, setting your heart and mind free to explore scenes beyond the ones you live in your every day life.

All of the sudden you have a vision that you know is leading you someplace else.

Like when I was getting the shiatsu massage I spoke about in the book.

For five years leading up to that day, I had never seen a vision of a child of ours.

About half hour into my massage beating, a crystal clear image showed up of a little girl, brown hair, about two years old, wanting me to ‘scrunch up’ the leaves with her as she held mommy’s hand on a perfect fall day.

A year later that little brown haired girl came into our lives.

Something in my brain, my soul, my heart connected with her.

But it wasn’t until I let go.

Or until I had all the stress beaten out of me.

Maybe change will come for you in some big dramatic moment, and like a bolt of lightning you’ll know what’s next.

Or maybe it will be a familiar breeze that hits you at just the right time.

Turning your head.

Saying ‘this way.’

Then you have to decide if you’re going to follow the breeze.




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