Another Guy Infertility Voice-From The World Of Hockey

Looks like the chorus of male voices joining in the infertility awareness movement has a new member, and this time it comes from the world of hockey.

Dave Steckel, former player for the Capitals, not only is speaking out, but he is negotiating for increasing the amount of infertility coverage included in the NHL health plan.  Players are now covered for five cycles, instead of the one cycle previously offered.

Maybe I’ve got some latent hockey skills in me to get on that plan!

It gives me hope to hear stories of guys like this who not only come out and speak openly about this, but actually use their position and influence to make changes that will help others who might face the same challenges.

To hear a hard ass hockey player open up about his low sperm count and poor motility makes me realize how universal this issue is becoming.

I sure would love to see Dave chuck a few Congressman  to persuade them help more infertile couples defray the cost of infertility treatments with the passage of the Family Act of 2011!!!

Here’s the whole article if you haven’t already seen it: Former Capital Dave Steckel opens up about fertility struggles

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