An Open Letter To The Vein Fishers

Lisa told me about a recent experience with a blood draw that inspired me to write an open letter that you can hand to the technician at your next blood draw written on behalf of all the DHs who hate seeing the rainbow colored arm of their wives after a vein fishing expedition. 

Dear Vein Fisher,

My wife is coming to you today to have some blood drawn.

It is my hope that you will use your training and experience to find not just the obvious visible vein, but extra care to pick a viable, non-blowable vein.

In the past week or two, the lovely woman you are about to extract blood from has had a large plastic wand put into her nether regions to look for eggs.

This is not a comfortable experience.

She has also had shots to grow hormones.

Had a large needle inserted into her ovaries to extract eggs.

She simply wants you to get the blood draw on the first try.

Blowing a vein hurts.

When you fish for a vein it hurts.

Don’t do it.

If you fish, please understand my wife will ask for a different person to draw her blood.

It’s nothing personal.

It’s just that if she has to endure one more ounce of pain than she has to, she could snap and if she got a hold of that needle, it wouldn’t be good for you.

So if you’re having trouble locating that vein, please get someone else more experienced.

It may seem like such a little thing, but I’ve seen my wife’s arm after a vein fishing blood draw.

Often it is bruised and sore for days.

Thank you for your understanding,




The DH of an Aspiring Fertility Challenged Future Mother

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  1. Angela thanks for doing this. It’s a msgsaee that is SO needed, not just for the kids and youth, but, unfortunately, for adults, too. I just posted the video on my profile page and will pass it on to others. Praying God will greatly use you to get the msgsaee across.

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