1,980 Days, 15 Hours and Thirty-Five Minutes To A Strong Beta

Lisa and I recently celebrated the 9th year anniversary of the day we found out we finally had an extremely strong beta test, that resulted 10 months later in the birth of Elliana.

People have often asked what it was like to see Lisa get that high positive beta phone call, and I find myself unable to really describe it.  That was until I saw the movie August Rush.

Although not a movie about infertility, Kerri Russell’s character thinks that her unborn baby had died after a car accident.  11 years later her overly controlling father admits that he put her child up for adoption, not wanting the child to ruin his daughter’s promising future as a Julliard trained cellist.

When questioned by the social worker why all of the sudden she wants to find her son, she gives the total day count, down to the hour and minute, since she found out he was alive.

The cosmic connection between a mother and her baby is perfectly portrayed, and although the child is conceived in an “idiot factor” moment (my term for people who never intended to have a child who seem to procreate easily), the long journey to find her child has a yearning that reminds me very much of the yearning I saw in Lisa as we trekked through the thousands of days it took to finally find our biological child.

If you need a good “happy kind of sad” cry, watch August Rush.  Have a box of Kleenex nearby, though…it still gets to me no matter how many times I watch it.

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